Life is a Journey of Learning

     One thing is for certain in my life, it keeps changing and growing. When I look back over my life so far, I am amazed at how much I have changed. It seems that I am entering into the fourth life of this lifetime. Life #1 was when I was known by my childhood name. Life #2 was when I was known by my first married name and as a teacher. Life #3 was when I was known by my second married name and as a teacher and mother. Now life #4 it seems I will be known by my author name.

     Each of these lives I have been known by a different name, therefore, I feel they have been separate lives within this lifetime. Some people live an entire life carrying within them different people depending on who they want to be either in the particular situation they are in or the people they are with at the time. For me, it would seem I have transitioned into a different form of myself over time. 

     This is probably not a novel concept, but it is probably one you don't realize is a fact of life until you get older and look back over your life to realize this. Some remain by the same name all their life. Men probably never realize this, but as a woman, we tend to change our names due to marriage. Thus, we have the unique situation of identifying as different people at different times in our lives. 

    This is not the same thing as past lives, although I've come to realize that we have those, too. What an amazing journey we get to experience in this mind-blowing universe we live in!


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