The Forest Beyond: Spirit Travler Series Book One

Charlotte McAfee, a typical high school cheerleader, lives an anything but typical life. In fact, ever since she “switched” and found herself in the body of a nineteenth-century Indian maiden, Nahele, she has lived two lives. Even with confiding in her best friend, Lilly, who researches the past and covers for her present-day “shadow self” when she switches, Charlotte finds living two lives challenging, especially when she has romance and conflict in both. She discovers from an ancient medicine woman that she’s a spirit traveler and that it entails a fate worse than death. Will she face that fate in order to rescue her lover? The Forest Beyond is a tale of two lives, two cultures, and two romances, that switches back and forth from the angst of 1980s teenagers to the plight of nineteenth-century Native Americans, giving the reader an eye-opening view of those two times from the perspective of a passionate young woman. Its cliff-hanging ending is followed by an epilogue, giving a ray-of-hope excerpt from the sequel.

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The Spirit Traveler Series

Welcome to my website. I'm so excited to share my stories with you. I have many things in store for you, and I hope you will follow me on this journey. The Spirit Traveler Series follows Charlotte McAfee from the time she turns 16 years old until she grows into an adult. She will go through many adventures over the years both in her "real" life and through the lives of others in the past. I hope you will join me as we experience Charlotte's many ups and downs through tragedy, excitement, and love.