Transformational Hypnosis Therapy

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Welcome to my hypnotherapy page. This is where you can contact me for sessions for quantum healing, past life regressions, book me for speaking engagements, or links to my published books. 

If you are interested in a hypnosis session, you can now go to my Facebook page and book an appointment. Click Here I would love to work with you. 

At this time, I am offering my sessions at a 50% discount.  I just received my Level One Practitioner status, I will be charging $250 per 3-hour session and $500 for 5-hour sessions. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to have a session. It will change your life!

Why I do this:

Because I want to help others, Because I want to transform lives, Because I am passionate about serving others, Because I believe in living one's true Spirituality

Benefits of QHHT

To learn more about QHHT and how it can benefit you, go to this link on the official QHHT website.

Client Testimony

When asked what it is like, here is what a recent client said: " do a regression and tap into past lives which can help with the present life we're living...when I think of that, I think it would be cool because obviously in this life we have issues or things that we struggle with or illnesses that we battle and to [know] that a past-life regression could possibly help you with that to me sounds super cool." -Kat, Ontario, Canada

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